Ipswich Programs

Kinda Gym

Kinder Programs

At Springloaded our focus is on fun, fundamentals and fitness! 
Our KindaGym Program is designed for under 5 year olds, and offers learning through auditory, visual and bodily movement activities. Each week the program follows a different 'theme' to engage creative thinking, and disguise the cognitive and physical learning into a fun & enjoyable adventure. 

 These classes provide structure, while also allowing the KindaGym gymnasts the freedom of exploring the environment with their participating parent as a guiding role. The consistent structure helps prepare the children for our older, independent Gymnastics Classes, as well as school and other eventual activities!

Kinda Gymnastics |  2 - 5 years

For the 2 - 5 year old budding gymnasts, we amp up their skill building with Kinda Gym. From climbing, swinging and jumping, to balancing, posing and sequences, this class allows for the Kinda Gymmer’s to continue learning in a fun, themed environment as well developing their skills to a higher level.

Gymnastics Programs

At SPRINGLOADED we believe gymnastics needs to be fun, with kids constantly on the move whilst challenging their skills! Our General Gymnastics program is for 5 to 12 year old’s, with inbuilt age & skill appropriate groups.

We follow a recreational program which focuses on the development of strength, flexibility, coordination and motor skills in a super fun & social environment.

Gymnastics  |  5-12yrs

Is this the start of your child's gymnastics career?
We run our Gymnastics program Monday to Friday weekly, for girls & boys 5 - 12 years old.
The recreational gymnastic classes are great for your child if they're just starting out in the sport, helping to develop hand-eye coordination, balance, strength and social skills in a super fun, diverse program. 

Superstars | Invitation Class 

Our Superstars class is an invite only class, which is step above our general gymnastics program. In the Development class we focus on skill acquisition in an accelerated learning environment.
The program incorporates assessment criteria to ensure your child is progressing safely and successfully.

Teen gym is aimed for any teenager with or with out gymnastics experience! Teen gym's focus is to develop strength, flexibility and gymnastics skills. Teen gym allows for each individual to develop with his or her area of interest unique to each individual. The program can cover trampoline, gymnastic, aerial circus skills and tricking!

Teen Gym | 12 Years+

Adult gym is suited for all adults, both with or without gymnastics experience. The program allows for each individual to achieve his or her own unique goals. Each class there will be a warm up which will incorporate basic strength and flexibility and guided training time. During guided training time each individual can move at his or hers own pace and work to achieve his or her individual goals under the direction and supervision of the coach. No gymnastics experience is required. 

Adult Gym |  18 Years+

Parkour & Trampolining

Here is our Trampolining and Parkour programs!

Trampolining and Parkour is a very popular option here at Spring loaded

As with all of our classes, there is a great vibe in the classes that certainly combines skills fitness and fun!

with beginner levels and extreme level in the Parkour you'll be sure to be tested.

Trampolining | Beginner

The beginner trampoline class offers the basic introduction to trampoline and tumbling. No previous trampoline experience is required. The Beginner trampoline program will develop the basic fundamental movements for trampoline and aim to progress children along into more advanced Trampoline skills. Beginner Trampoline will feed into Intermediate trampoline.

Trampolining | Intermediate  

This class is for boys and girls who have completed the list of requirements in Beginner Tramp. The age ranges from 5 to 12 years. Children will learn aerial awareness and develop coordination through various exercises such as saltos, twists and a combination of both. Each weekly class is 60 minutes long and includes a 10 minute warm-up, Tumble Track, Pit Tramp, Performance Trampolines and conditioning.

Loaded Parkour | Beginner

Junior Parkour is a basic introduction into Extreme Parkour. Participants will learn to build strength and skills by learning basic tumbling and to skills, jumping over objects in a free run style of movement. "If you trip over and do a roll, you just did parkour" - Todd - Head Parkour Instructor 

Extreme | Advanced - Invitational

Extreme parkour is exactly what it is.. EXTREME! an invite only class if you conquer the requirements in the general parkour classes!

A more risky class to general parkour, doing movements at a more advanced level and this is why we have made this class invite only. If you wish to participate in the extreme parkour class you'll have to go though the general program first to be considered by the head coaches!